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In the Information Age, answers are there, if one is only willing to ask and look for them. Hence, curiosity and the desire to explore are crucial aspects of learning in both children and adults. Children’s curiosity changes as a function of development, becoming more narrowly focused, as well as more vulnerable to environmental influences. Once in school, children’s exposure to new technology and media may play a formative role in shaping their curiosity.
The goal of the workshop is to explore the design, development and evaluation of new digital technologies that can assess children’s curiosity at different ages and promote and improve their curiosity and exploration behavior in different ways:
  • New interactive games
  • Novel technologies, e.g. social robots
  • Novel models and algorithms incorporated into engaging activities
  • Novel designs for apps
  • Social media platforms for assessment and promotion of explorations
  • Different methodological approaches for evaluation
  • Corollary effects of these technologies on learning gains in other domains
  • Evaluation and assessment of curiosity’s relation to other cognitive and social abilities
Important dates:
Submission deadline: April 6, 2015 (extended)
Notification: April 13, 2015
Camera ready: May 31, 2015
Early registration: May 31, 2015 (register here)
Workshop happened: June 21, 2015!
Goren Gordon, MIT
Jamie Jirout, Rhodes College
Susan Engel, Williams College
Alicia Chang, Wonder Workshop, Inc.
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